• Developed tooling for a light, low stress gear set
  • Created e-commerce sites for a retailer and a bricks and mortar art gallery
  • Installed Intranetworking for Small Business network
  • Developed a self-molding repair technique for composite structures
  • Market and assembly analysis for a toy manufacturer
  • Presented robust design seminar
  • Wrote business plan for cabinet maker
  • Set up a digital still and video photography studio for training materials.
  • Designed and applied a new diverter to a sorting conveyor
  • Designed and built a new right angle diverter for a small package line
  • Designed a precision product inspection station with laser gaging sensors
  • Updated a case packer
  • Developed a new assembly cell for a consumer product, based on our own original design
  • Designed a 4-station assembly cell for a consumer product
  • Built a test jig for a tape-based bonding system
  • Developed an Enterprise Resources Plan for a hardware manufacturer
  • Performed value analysis and redesign for a family of lift tables
  • Planned an e-commerce ratings system for publishers
  • Developed servopneumatic soft discard kicker for package line
  • Conducting a technology study for an accumulating conveyor manufacturer.
  • Designed honeycomb feeder for precision core saw
  • Become the off-site network administrators for local manufacturers, professional offices, and a non-profit agency.
  • Replaced the mechanical cams with servocontrols on a packaging machine.
  • Conducted a technology study for an electronic publisher
  • Designed a sorting station with product return
  • Continuing AGV research
  • Designed a flaw detection and reject system for a packaging line


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